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Clerk: Lesley Bramwell
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New Mills

An Introduction

New Mills lies where the rivers Sett and Goyt join to become one of the principal tributaries of the River Mersey. The rivers flow through the town in a spectacular gorge, the Torrs, home to the Millennium Walkway. The Peak Forest Canal also passes through the town with a well established marina at Newtown. Much of the district is rural with large parts in agriculture mainly cattle and sheep.

Areas around Rowarth and Ollersett Moor are within the Peak District National Park with excellent footpath links and some open access land. Its rural hinterland and gateway to the Peak District, and proximity to the Manchester conurbation makes New Mills a popular place for walkers. The town is particularly well connected by rail to Manchester, Stockport and Sheffield.

Considerable industrial activity still takes place in the New Mills area, with companies involved in confectionery, engineering, quarrying, haulage, design and IT development.

New Mills was designated High peak's first Fairtrade town in 2006. The town centre has a wide range of independent specialist shops, indoor and outdoor markets and professional services. Bus and rail services link the town centre with outlying areas and surrounding villages.

Naming of Torrs Riverside Bridge

New Mills Town Council would like to invite the residents of New Mills to put forward suggestions for the naming for the recently installed bridge at Torrs Riverside Park.

Please send your suggestions to -

Closing date for suggestions is 31st October 2020. Members of the Council will select the winning name for the bridge after this date.

New Mills Town Hall Opening Hours

New Mills Town Council: 01663 743434

New Mills Town Council office is manned from 9:00am until 12:pm and 1:00pm until 4:00pm Monday to Friday, although not open to the public due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. If you would like to contact the Town Council office out of hours please telephone 01663 743434 and leave a message.

New Mills Town Council will have restricted office hours on Friday 11th September owing to staff leave.

Registrar: 01629 535 261

The Registrar's office at New Mills Town Hall is closed until further notice during the Covid-19 Pandemic. For further information ring 01629535 075 or 01629 531 503 or visit

Citizens Advice: 0300 456 8390

Citizens Advice at New Mills Town Hall is closed until further notice during the Covid-19 Pandemic. For further information ring 0300 456 8390 or visit

Latest News

Full Meting of the Council 12th October 2020 - Zoom Joining Instructions

Posted: Wed, 07 Oct 2020 10:59 by admin

Full Meeting of the Council – 7pm Monday 12th October, 2020

The New Mills Town Council Virtual Waiting Room will be open and monitored between 18:45 – 19:00.

Please be prompt for this, and all, meetings. More »

Admittance to the full meeting, once started, may not be possible as the Waiting Room will no longer be fully and actively monitored.

It is important to note that Clerk and Admin Emails are only monitored during normal office hours. Requests to enter the meeting, sent by email, will not be seen until the next working day.

Meeting length may not be the allotted 2hrs. Once all matters have been covered the session will end.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 582 726 9798

Passcode: NMTCocto20

Please find below detailed instructions on how to log on to the Meeting using manual methods

Logging in to a Zoom Meeting from an Email/Calendar Request.

These instructions make an important assumption – you have already registered an account with Zoom, the app/program is installed on to your computer/smart phone and you are logged in to it correctly.

We will also address the question of security at this point: Zoom is as secure as any other remote viewing/meeting programs out there. As long as you are careful with the details for the personal meeting room you can create and also use good password practices then the risk is no greater than any other virtual meeting program.

Please note that you will also need either a suitable smart phone, laptop (with speakers, webcam and mic) or a desktop with speakers and a suitable webcam for full interaction with Zoom meetings.

This guide to logging in to meetings assumes all the above and that the user is reasonably conversant with Zoom and the associated hardware.

Virtual Meeting – Good Practice Methods.

Upon entry to any room/meeting, immediately mute your mic (bottom left corner), you can unmute by either clicking in it or by pressing the space bar for a temporary unmute (releasing the spacebar automatically remutes you).

Avoid talking over each other. Allow the Chair to speak and take questions. Allow others to answer. Raise your hand within the screen if you wish to speak.

Avoid using the text chat option – things can get missed using that method.

Be courteous to all participants – remember, the Chair has the ability and authority to remove any participant not demonstrating proper decorum.

Logging in to Zoom using the Zoom Meeting ID and Password.

Open your email and write down the Zoom ID and Password.

They should agree with below:

Meeting ID: 582 726 9798

Passcode: NMTCocto20

Two points for clarity:

The two o in octo above are non-capitalised letter 0.

And the 0 in 20 is a zero, not a letter.

Now open up your Zoom client, ensure you are logged in and click on "Join".

Enter the Zoom Meeting ID (the 10 or 11 digit number). Ensure your name is correct and the two boxes beneath your name are unticked. Then click "Join". You will then be prompted for the password and asked about joining with audio. Enter in the password exactly as supplied in the email and ensure you are joining with audio enabled. Once the correct details are entered in the message will advise you that you are waiting to be admitted by the host.

Once the host accepts you, you will enter the room. Again, accept and agree to any audio/video options.

Logging in to Zoom using a Hyperlink Sent via Email.

Open your email client and click on the link provided. You may be asked for the password. If so, use the password provided at the top this email beneath the Zoom Meeting ID.

As you come in to the meeting it will ask about various video and sound options – accept and agree to these so you can be seen and heard.

The hyperlink should take you straight to a message advising you that you are waiting to be admitted by the host.

Once the host accepts you, you will enter the room. Again, accept and agree to any audio/video options.


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DCC - Library Service COVID Updates

Posted: Mon, 06 Jul 2020 14:09 by admin

Derbyshire County Council have issued information relating to the phased re-opening of libraries.

The Library Information Service can be contacted on 01629 533444, additional contact information can be found in the attached document.

Rural Action Derbyshire

Posted: Mon, 29 Jun 2020 13:34 by admin

Rural Action Derbyshire collated findings from an earlier Community Conversation in 2011 for the hopes and future of New Mills to 2026. Additional information can be found by opening the tow attached documents.

Naming of the Torrs Riverside Bridge